Monday, September 17, 2007

Two polio deaths reported

A mother and son from Hines, Oregon, near Burns, died of polio in the Malheur Memorial hospital in Nyssa, the Ontario Argus-Observer reported in its Sept. 18, 1952 edition.

Tony Liebig, who was seven, died the previous Monday night and his mother, Dorothy Liebig, died at 3 a.m. Wednesday. Both suffered from what doctors identified as bulbar type of polio, which attacks the neck and throat.

The deaths made a total of four from polio at the hospital in 1952. Mrs. Pete Lowe of Payette and Judy Kirby of Baker died earlier.

Three new patients thought to be in less critical condition were brought to the hospital over the previous week, bring to 35 the number admitted during the year. This was the largest number treated at the Nyssa facility in any one year although 1952 was the first year patients were brought to the hospital from Baker and Harney counties, where many of the 1952 cases originated.

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