Monday, September 24, 2007

State Police announce move to Snake River Bridge location

The Sept. 25, 1952 edition of The Argus-Observer quoted State Police Sergeant Wayne Huffman announcing that the local office would move from 4th Avenue SW to the site of the State Line Drive Inn property on Highway 30 near the Snake River Bridge.

Sgt. Huffman said that the move would provide a parking lot for out-of-state trucks to park during nighttime hours to wait for the office to open in the morning. The state Public Utilities Commission office was to move along with the State Police to provide a one-stop location for the trucks, which were required to stop for inspection and then secure permits from the PUC allowing them to proceed into Oregon.

The drive-in property along with a residence across the street was purchased form Derby Smith who told the newspaper he was returning to California.

Huffman said that pending the move five or six big transports on city streets near the 4th Avenue overnight, waiting for the state office to open.

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