Monday, September 3, 2007

Student body moving into new Ontario High is record in size

“Over 500 high school students gathered in the new Ontario High School gym at 9:30 this morning for the first student body meeting this school year,” The Ontario Argus-Observer reported on Monday, Sept. 1, 1952.

“All four classes were together with the Freshman class the largest it has ever been with 153 students registered at the starting of school this morning.”

Students fiddled with the combinations on their new bank of lockers. They admired the new gym and were reportedly “awed” by the loud speaker system connecting each classroom to the office.

After a quick home room session, they assembled in the gym where the student body president, Loren Sevey, introduced the class officers.

The school principal, Rober McConnaha, told the paper that 462 high school students had pre-registered and another 62 signed up that morning. Workmen were still putting the final touches on the building but McConnaha said they would be “nearly finished inside” within three weeks.
Regular classes were scheduled to begin Wednesday, Sept. 3.

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