Monday, September 24, 2007

The Argus Observes --- Public interest will determine fate of school patrol

From The Ontario Argus-Observer Sept. 27, 1952 edition

By Don Lynch

The suggestion of … a school safety patrol has been raised by safety committees of various civic and service clubs here on former occasions, but it was always dropped. This time, with the help of a state officer who is an expert at traffic management, it appears that the plan will get serious study….

Although no child enroute to school has been struck by a car so far as I can recall, Ontario does have a dangerous situation in that so many of its grade school youngsters must cross a major highway in order to get to school. Conklin School draws heavily from the area south of Southwest Fourth Avenue. Quite a few Lindbergh students must cross East Idaho Avenue. These streets are main highway approaches into the city.

The school patrol system has been the answer to this problem in scores of cities. A thorough study of such a system here has been in order for at least several years. Sidewalk facilities which would channel children to safe crossings should be studied as one aspect of the plan. In some places, for instance along Southwest Fourth street, and along the south side of Southwest Fourth Avenue, more sidewalks will be needed in order to bring the students to any common crossing place.

Public interest may be a determining factor in reaching a decision on establishing school patrols. Those parents of school children who think such a patrol would be helpful should make their opinion known to school authorities, to the state police and to Parent-Teacher officials

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