Monday, September 3, 2007

Local riders named winners in the horse show at the County Fair

In its Sept. 1, 1952 issue, The Argus-Observer listed winners in the riding events that accompanied the horse races at the Malheur County Fair.

Western Pleasure Class Riding: Sue Hills, Bonnie Hodges, Virinia Corn, Neil Tensen, Jo Durham, Dolores Wolfgram, Donna Flyyingness and Dorothy Gray.

Barrel Race: Glen Stillwell, Irene Turner, John Hodges and Fay Corn.

Cow Cutting: Glen Stillwell, Irene Turner, Bud Trowbridge and Skinny Tensen.

Trailer Race: John Hodges and Glen Stillwell.

Musical Chair Race: Glen Stillwell, Anna Tensen and Neil Tensen.

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