Thursday, September 27, 2007

September Index AND 1952 story that times were good for sugar beet growers

Sept. 27: Times were good for sugar beet growers
Story from 1952 Argus-Observer predicting a record sugar beet crop.

Sept. 24: Regional news -- Halfway Oregon, once, finds a bidder
Account from 2007 Argus-Observer about Halfway Oregon’s successful Ebay auction of the town sign.
1952 Argus-Observer reports state police to move to Snake River Bridge location.
The Argus-Observes ---Public interest will determine the fate of school patrol

Sept. 20: Readers look back ---“Number please?” and how did the Doman twins get away with that car.
1952 story reporting state police promise to study school patrol.
2007 story saying potato harvest will be high in quality, low in quantity.

Sept. 17: The Argus Observes --- Brevity in feminine attire
1952 story reporting two polio deaths
2007 OHS Tiger footballers beat vale

Sept. 13: 1956 OHS classmates remember Ore-Ida start, dancing lessons, “whirlwind” Don Lynch, and Native Indian artifacts.
1952 flying saucer likely was a weather balloon.

Sept. 10: The Argus Observes: On football stirring the blood

Sept: 6: Coach Ken Glore says defense is troubled on his 1952 Tiger football team.

Sept. 3: 1952 student body moving into new high school is record in size.
Local riders win honors at 1952 County Fair.
The Argus Observers --- Don Lynch explains his reasons for starting a personal column.


The Sept. 29, 1952 issue of The Argus-Observer reported that a record sugar beet crop was about to be harvested for processing at the sugar plant in Nyssa.

Jared Lewis, district manager of the Amalgamated Sugar Beet Company told the newspaper that yield per acre, total yield and the price of beets were all expected to be the highest in history.

He predicted better than 22 tons per acre average yield, exceeding the year before and the average over the previous five years.

The sugar content of the beets was also testing high.

“It looks like a good year,” Lewis said, noting that his company’s plant would begin processing Oct. 6.

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