Thursday, February 14, 2008

Religion, catfish and walleyed pike

The Feb. 12, 1953 edition of The Argus-Observer carried stories about a move to introduce warm water species of game fish into local waters and, alongside that, a plea for the teaching of fundamental Christian tenants in public schools.

Don Moore told the paper that he and other local sportsmen had asked officials of the state division of fisheries to consider planting catfish and walleyed pike in the Snake, Malheur and Owyhee rivers.

In response, John Rayner, chief of operations for the division, promised to attend a Feb. 17 meeting at the Moore Hotel to discuss the idea.

In another story, the newspaper reported that local attorney P.J. Gallagher urged the teaching of Christianity in public schools as the most effective way to combat Communism during a speech to the local Kiwanis Club. The story said that Gallagher paid tribute to the American tradition of freedom of worship, but he added that this tradition should not bar the teaching of the fundamentals of Christianity, which he characterized as in keeping with the beliefs of all faiths.

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