Monday, February 25, 2008

Broadhurst trial to be recounted at our T.C. Lessons blog

(Editor’s Note: Here are the first two paragraphs on the coverage of the Broadhurst murder trial, probably the most infamous in the post-World War II history of Malheur County, posted today, Feb. 25, 2008, at our affiliated blog, T.C. Lessons or Stories about the trial will be posted weekly at our true crime blog through early April.)

Prosecutor Says Gladys Broadhurst planned the murder with her cowboy lover

Jury Completed;
Use of Letters Permitted

Excerpts and summaries drawn from a story that appeared in the Feb. 27, 1947 edition of The Ontario Argus

VALE --- The State of Oregon, speaking through Blaine Halleck, special prosecutor, today told a Malheur County circuit court jury that it proposes to show step by step how Gladys Lincoln married Dr. Willis D. Broadhurst of Caldwell, Idaho, for his money and then conspired with young Alvin Lee Williams, employee on Broadhurst’s ranch, to kill him both before and after she went through what the state claims was an illegal marriage ceremony with Williams at Reno, Nevada, Sept. 17, 1947

The jury, along with two alternates, was completed at 11:05 today after Judge M.A. Biggs ruled in favor of the state on the defense’s attempt to secure possession of documents turned over to the state following Mrs. Broadhurst’s arrest and which the defense said contained evidence that could be used against the defendant. Judge Biggs also ruled that the state may introduce (the documents) as evidence during the trial.

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