Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ontario residents promised good reception from Boise’s first TV station

The Feb. 26, 1953 edition of The Argus-Observer quoted officials of the area’s first TV Station, NBC affiliate KIDO-TV of Boise, saying reception in Ontario should be almost as good as that in Boise when telecasts begin on June 1, 1953.

Walter Wagstaff, station manager, told members of the Ontario Kiwanis club that good reception will come from a signal for which there would be a direct line of sight --- if visibility were good enough --- between the station’s transmitting tower on a ridge outside Boise and Ontario residences.

Harold Toedtemeier, the station engineer, said picture quality should be almost as good as in Boise, with any difference hardly visible to the eye. He added that Ontario viewers might need a larger antenna than would be needed by Boise residents.

Wagstaff predicted the programming would be good enough to justify spending “several hundred dollars” for a TV set. He added that many of the programs would be designed to interest children because the station management believed concluded children had the most influence on the purchase of TV sets.

Putting enough TV sets into the hands of viewers to make advertising profitable was critical to success of the TV station, he added.

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