Thursday, January 31, 2008

INDEX FOR JANUARY 2008….and It’s Still the Wild West

Jan. 31 --- 1953 planning commissioner calls Ontario “slower than molasses”
Jan. 28 --- The dean of the valley’s newspaper men moves on
Jan. 24 --- Farmers warned incomes likely to go down in 1953
Jan. 21 --- Eisenhower filled with emotion at his inauguration
Jan. 18 --- Foreign born residents sign up for citizenship classes
Jan. 14 --- An unexpected dividend from Arock
Jan. 14 --- Broadhurst trial set to begin Feb. 24
Jan. 10 --- LDS president dedicates new Ontario chapel with a plea for spirituality
Jan. 7 --- Malheur County owes a debt to March of Dimes
Jan. 3 --- Earl Bopp takes over as Ontario mayor
Jan. 2 --- Looking back over 1952

It's Still the Wild West

If you think you are up to a dose of the reality of how wild the West can still be in Western Idaho, check out the poaching story that ran this Jan. 23 in the Ontario Argus Observer and the reader comments linked to the story in the “blog” section.

Just follow our link from this page to the newspaper’s web site.

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