Thursday, January 3, 2008

Earl Bopp takes over as Ontario mayor in January 1953

Ontario’s newly elected mayor, Earl Bopp, said he wanted to bring the city planning commission into the decision making process to encourage planning for the future, The Argus-Observer reported on Jan. 5, 1953.

“It is time we did some planning. It is time we looked ahead and not sit by and let things happen to us,” Bopp said. “We can be masters of our future if we choose, but it will take some hard-headed planning.”

The story reported that the biggest problem facing the city is how pay for a sewer treatment facility ordered by the state sanitation authority. Tentative plans called for a bond issue election in February.

The new mayor noted that the people of the city were “tax conscious” and would not vote more taxes unless they are satisfied the money is being spent in sound investments.

Bopp added that he did not plan any radical changes in the city administration and noted that the existing plans for tax expenditures were commitments that would be difficult to change.

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