Monday, January 14, 2008

Broadhurst trial set to begin Feb. 24

The trial of Gladys Lincoln Broadhurst for first degree murder of her husband, R. W. D. Broadhurst, is set for Feb. 24, 1953 at the county courthouse in Vale, Oregon, The Argus-Observer reported on Jan. 9, 1947.

Dr. Broadhurst was beaten and shot to death on Oct. 14, 1946 while traveling from his home near Caldwell to his ranch in Jordan Valley.

Circuit Judge M. A. Biggs, who set the trial date for Mrs. Broachurst postponed the trial of his alleged accomplice from Feb. 3 to March 10.

Deputy District Attorney Charles Swan, who was about to take office as county district attorney, asked for the Williams trial postponed, which suggests that prosecutors hope Williams might testify against Mrs. Broadhurst.

(Editor’s note: Once this trial begins in February, relatively complete summaries of The Argus-Observers reports of the proceedings of 61 years ago will be posted at our T.C. Lessons blog and, in less detail, at RememberingTheArgus.)

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