Friday, July 18, 2008

Television comes to Malheur County, Oregon: July 15, 1953

Residents of Ontario and other Eastern Oregon and Southwestern Idaho communities gathered in front of the few new local television sets on Sunday, July 15, 1953 to watch the first signals arriving from the first station in the area. It was Boise’s KIDO TV, which went on the air at 2 p.m. that day. The first national show to come across the screen was the Dennis Day Show.

In Ontario, The Argus-Observer photographed the Hathaway family, including daughter Sue, 14, and son Chuck, 13, gathered around a set in their living room.

The newspaper’s photographer also found a large gathering in the Moore Hotel lounge where a set was displaying the black and white signal out of Boise.

Philo Farnsworth, who was credited with developing the basic idea for television broadcasts while a high school student in Rigby, Idaho, in 1921, appeared in Boise that July 1953 Sunday to commemorate TV coming to Idaho some years after it began appearing in homes in Los Angeles and NewYork.

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