Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A 50’s discovery --- The Heart and Craft of Lifestory Writing and The Albuquerque Years

Sharon Melton Lippincott is a blogger who specializes in “The Heart and Craft of Lifestory Writing.” Her blog is fine reading for those who are interested in crafting their own life story. And there is something there for RememberingTheArgus readers who find the 1950s a time worth looking back on.

I recommend at least taking a look at her blog by double clicking the headline above. Or you will also find a permanent link on the list of links in the right-hand column.

Here’s her description of her book about those years. It is available by clicking on the cover image you’ll find at her blog.

“The Albuquerque Years is Sharon Melton Lippincott’s story of life as a precocious preschooler in Albuquerque immediately after World War II. She blithely recounts a time of pure happiness in an era without television, battery operated toys, preschool, play groups, swing sets, or frozen foods. She tells of her daddy’s vegetable garden, and how chicken feed bags provided fabric for her next dress, how she caught her first fish, how she learned to count while gathering eggs, to read by copying words from Mommy’s magazines, and to sew at Mommy’s knee. She takes readers along to the laundry, out to the chicken yard, and off to a neighborhood Bible School. She visits the zoo, climbs a tree, and sneaks into a deserted Air Force barracks. This ingenuous narrative is told with the simple candor and color of a child’s Crayola drawings, without analysis or guile. It includes a summary of her Internet-based print-on-demand publishing experience.”

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