Thursday, March 27, 2008

DA Swan says public gets law enforcement it wants

The March 26 edition of The Argus-Observer reported that Malheur County District Attorney issued a statement warning the public that it gets the law enforcement that it wants.

If people want laws strictly enforced, they will be strictly enforced, he said.
But if people don’t care, it is unlikely the laws will be enforced, he added.

“Good or poor law enforcement is in direct proportion to the interest people take in it,” Swan said.

The district attorney called for coordination between the various law enforcement agencies in the county.

But he added that enforcement actions depend as much upon city councils as upon the policing agencies.

The story noted that the district attorney has been “frustrated” by the slow movement of court proceedings against three houses of prostitution --- two in Ontario and one in Nyssa --- that were closed down in the fall.

In all three cases, the defendants who were in charge of the operation had been fighting abatement proceedings asked for a change of venue to another county, the newspaper noted.

The cases would then be tried in Harney or Baker counties.

The State Supreme Court had heard arguments in the change of venue cases but had not yet issued a ruling at the time of Swan’s announcement.
Swan said he anticipated “no new law enforcement action” until the issue of the bawdy house cases was resolved.

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