Thursday, December 6, 2007

State Police break up a beer bust, arrest four teen-agers

Editor’s Note: This is a story that is going to have legs, as we say in the news business. Don’t miss next week’s installment.

State police said they broke up a Friday night beer party in a parked car and arrested two of the four juvenile participants at a location two miles south of Ontario when nearby neighbors complained of hearing a woman scream.

The Argus-Observer reported the incident in its Dec. 1, 1952 edition.

Officer William Bones said that investigating the scream he found two boys 16 and 17 and two girls 13 and 16 drinking beer in a parked car.

The boys were from Payette. The girls were from Ontario. They denied being the source of the screams.

The girls were released to their parents Friday night. The boys spend the night in the county jail in Vale before they were released to their parents.

District Attorney Charles Swan said he had yet to file formal charges against the four and before he acted he wanted to check their school records “and truant records if any.”

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