Thursday, December 27, 2007

DECEMBER INDEX -- And Oregon Frozen Food’s Nephi Grigg says company paid nation’s highest price for corn

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Oregon Frozen Food’s Nephi Grigg says company paid nation’s highest price for corn

Nephi Grigg, president of Oregon Frozen Foods --- soon to become the Ore-Ida company --- told a gathering of growers that the company had paid the highest contract price in the nation for sweet corn during the 1952 season, The Argus-Observer reported on Dec. 22.

The contract price was $25 a ton with quality bonuses that brought the top payment up to $40 a ton.

Grigg, who earlier announced that the company’s Ontario plant would begin processing frozen potato products in January, attributed the rapid success of the new business to its organization as a private company with features of a cooperative. Managers and key individuals are heavy investors he told 300 contract growers who gathered for an annual banquet at the Moore Hotel in Ontario.

That year the company paid $30,000 in dividends, $10,000 in bonuses and $400,000 in grower payments, according to its president.

Directors of the company at that time were Nephi’s brother Golden T. Grigg, Glen E. Call, who was company secretary-treasurer, Ross E. Butler, Dr. Leslie J. Emmett, Pat J. Gallagher, Ken Inahara, and Otis Williams.

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