Thursday, October 11, 2007

Try links to local photos at the Ontario Argus, Nyssa City and Vale business web sites

The current web page of the Argus Observer leads the way to a local photo gallery that includes multiple photos of local community college and high school soccer, football and volleyball. You can also see some shots of the Ontario Air Faire and the Big Nasty Motorcycle Hill Climb.

Readers may also notice we’ve put up a link to Nyssa photos, where a very sophisticated city web master keeps things interesting. And we posted links to pictures of Vale’s Sears and Roebuck bed and breakfast and the Wilcox Horse and Buggy business in Vale. A cynic might think they are advertisers, but a realist would know that this site is not going to make that pay. We just like the idea of those businesses.

By the way, if anyone has stayed at the B and B, we’d like to hear what you think of it. We may be trying it out before the summer’s over.

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