Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some changes are coming at Remembering the Argus

The disappearance of newspapers is so thoroughly documented on a plethora of Web sites that I’m not going to be posting a lot here. In fact, what I have coming soon is a “factual” historical essay about my father’s tenure at The Ontario Argus Observer.
When that shows up I’ll be trimming the posts at this web site to columns written by my father with some editorial observations about that time, and now those columns figure in my book, “Farewell Bend.” Later on as time and my interests permit, I’ll be adding new columns – mostly from the months of the years that correspond to current time – but go back some 55 years.
If by chance you want to read the book and haven’t yet done so, some 98 percent of it is still posted at “FarewellBendtheNovel.” Follow the link on this page and scroll backwards through the months to the first post. After all you should have to do a little something to download the book for free. (Simply use the copy function in your browser. You shouldn’t have to go to too much trouble to clean them up. Maybe put in some paragraph breaks. And remember to number the chapters in the name of the files as you download them.)

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