Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nothing lasts forever


The row of buildings along the southern end of Oregon Street which used to and maybe still is Ontario's "main street," still stands in mute testimony to the idea that, for a time, little changes. That's where the Argus was composed and printed when my parents and Bernard Mainwaring bought it in January 1947. Later that year or early in 1948, they moved the combined into Argus-Observer into a new brick plant built especially for the paper on the site that is now a parking lot at the left of this photograph. The surviving six-day a week daily is now printed in a newist plant on the southeast edge of town across from the community college. (To be taken to a photo of the old 1947 plant that was in one of the building still standing, click on the headline of this posting from the main Internet site of this blog, "rememberingtheargus.blogspot.com)

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