Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scholastic honors announced; Marble tournament scheduled

The April 23, 1953 edition of The Argus-Observer named the scholastic leaders in the senior class at Ontario High School.

Two students tied for valedictorian with the best grades in the class: Yae Inouye and Terry Fujinaga. Miss Inouye was also active in Girls League and Fujinaga was a basketball player.

Two students also tied for the next highest scholastic honor, class salutatorian. They were Bob Williams and Grace Shikuma.


The April 20 edition noted that Ontario school officials were beginning to hold elimination level marble tournaments to determine which students, ages 6 to 12, would qualify to participate in the upcoming Veterans of Foreign Wars-sponsored citywide tourney.

That will be followed by a district-wide tourney in Ontario, and state and national tournaments set to be held in Portland. The culminating national tournament in Portland was to take place June 17 to 20. A Portland boy, Sonny Myrick, had won the national tournament in 1952.

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