Thursday, November 8, 2007

Senior play “Mother is a Freshmen” set for new high school auditorium

The new 780-seat high school auditorium was used this month for the first time and drama coach A.B. Spears said the senior play, “Mother is a Freshmen” would be performed there “sometime in December,” the Argus-Observer reported in its Nov. 6 edition.

Cast and crew for the performance were to include Renae Lee, Edith Fitzsimmons, Holly Quigley, Loren Sevey, Arlene Keller, Skip Thayer, Curt Gilchrist, Jerry Cates, Jean Palmer, Donna Keegan, Shane O’Neil, Billie Ripley, David O’Neil, Joan de Bruin and Louise Atniip with Keller and Palmer in the leading parts.

The newspaper story announced that acoustics in the new facility pronounced the acoustics “excellent (because) you can hear equally well from all parts of the auditorium.”

Superintendent Art Kiesz said that the school board had established a fee program for public use after studying what other schools charge in the way of auditorium fees.

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